Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I do all day...

Sublimation Printing

I am not sure if I've mentioned on the blog what I do all day! I'm sure I have, after all, I spend 5 days a week here! Well, if I have not mentioned, here it goes. I work as a apparel designer/apparel production designer.  I am employed by a small, family owned and operated sporting apparel company that specializes in sublimation. 
And I love it!!! 
Basically, sublimation is a process where the ink is transferred from a solid to a gas state w/out ever becoming a liquid. The factory prints out the production art that I send them directly onto sublimation paper, and then the design is then transferred to the fabric using very high temperatures. Once the transfer is complete, they cut an sew the uniforms. This process allows us to achieve any design imaginable, from photographic prints, to extreme gradients, and more! All transfers are crisp, clean, and smooth to the touch. How awesome! 
This is how my day goes...
E-mails, answer and compose a lot of them. Receive design briefs from Marketing Executives. Design uniforms for a WIDE variety of sports for colleges, high schools, professional teams, and even international customers. Receive orders. Complete production artwork. Send to factory. Approve pre-production samples. Adjust patterns. Etc. Etc. 
So, I went from working  a decade as a dental professional to the big, bad apparel industry and I have not  looked back! 

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