Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I love Adboe products

Hey, it's no secret. I love Adobe products. I work primarily with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at work and at home. I dabble a bit with In Design too, but only for things like brochures, interactive PDFs, and catalogs (which I'm not doing on a daily basis.) The majority of my day job work is done using Adobe Illustrator. I just adore this program!

Not only do I use these programs at work, I use them for all the photography and graphics here on the blog! First, I edit my photos, things like adding filters and changing exposure, in Photoshop. Then, I import them into Illustrator to embellish. I personally do not like adding texts, graphics, or frames to my photos using Photoshop. I find it hard, ya' know.

Illustrator is so much more user friendly for that type of thing. One reason why I like to use Illustrator for embellishing my photography is because I do not have to use layers! I also really like how Illustrator is a geometry calculator. I can align, re-size, reflect, and add text with much more ease using the vector based program. Oh, and I am also obsessed with clipping masks! Not to mention grouping, expanding text into an object, "make with" warp/mesh, live trace, blending options, transform, ART BOARDS, and not to mention the new pattern repeat function in CS6.

Here are some examples of an image that I first altered using Photoshop:



Then embellished with Illustrator:

After embellishing with Illustrator: 

Thanks for being so awesome Adobe!


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