Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fossils and Feathers

Purse (Fossil) Feather Earring (Sam Moon)

I just adore anything vintage. I thrifted this darling bag something like 7 or 8 years back at a Unique Thrift Store in Chicago. Let me just say that Unique is one of the most top notch second hand stores I've had the pleasure of visiting! Unfortunately, these stores do not venture far from the Chicagoland area. But, boy if they did.

If you haven't already noticed, this is my favorite feather earring! Sam Moon is an awesome (and cheap) jewelry and accessory store that I hadn't heard of until moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Just like Unique, I think Sam Moon is just located in the DFW area. Anyway, you can totally shop their website and I'd highly recommend it!

What's your favorite local gem?
<3 Ruth <3

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