Sunday, September 9, 2012

Four Simple Goals (before 2013)

I've decided to join in on Elsie, over at a A Beautiful Mess, Four Simple Goals (before 2013) Challenge! I am really excited about this! Because, much like Elsie, I love to make lists! I feel like I accomplish so much more when I have a list...

1. Read and Ellipticise more frequently. This is something that I have been trying to make habitual for like, uh...ever! I always find myself to"busy" and manage to find time not to ellipticise (elliptical exercise) To be honest, I very much enjoy this activity. I love catching up on articles in Whole Living Magazine, or watching sermons from Traders Point Church in Indianapolis, IN while gliding along on my elliptical! This season, I will intentionally spend more time using this machine and reading on my Nook.
2. Cook healthy dinner options. I always eat super healthy for breakfast and lunch. But, come dinner time, I often find myself reaching for the quick fix, ie frozen pizza or Thai take out. Now, since moving to our new home, I've done much better with cooking healthy dinner. Probably because my kitchen is no longer in a box. But, I am hoping to cultivate another habit, creating simple, healthy meals that nourish my families bodies!
3. Sew something. I mean, I do have an apparel design degree after all! No more excuses! I will be draping and drafting patterns to create myself some new Spring/Summer pieces!
4. Create handmade decorations to complete our new home. We have a lot more room here in our new home, and that means a lot of unfinished spaces! I have tons of ideas to fill some of those voids and can't wait to get started.

I will be posting an update toward the end of the year to track my progress for this challenge. I plan to document my progress cultivating simple, healthy habits through posting some of the new recipes I come up with, I will share my process of creating myself a few new pieces, and I will definitely share some fun DIY phot-orials showcasing my fun handmade home project! Stay  -Ruth-

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