Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update: 4 Simple Goals

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess inspired me to create 4 Simple Goals (before 2013) and I thought it would be appropriate to give an update! I had planned to take all of these amazing abstract photos of exercise equipment,  craft projects, and food..But, well...the Holidays are upon us and well..uh..I never got around to it. So, this here is the best I can do at the (very busy) moment. 

1. Read and Ellipticise. So, I've been trying to make this a habit for the majority of my adult life. I do really well at times, and other times I completely fall off the wagon. Well, I am happy to report that for the past few months, my husband and I have take a few days a week to exercise together! It's been a really fun experience. I also have found time to read a few magazines and even a book! 
2. Eating Healthy. This too, has been an ongoing goal for me. I really enjoy healthy foods, but, just like exercising...I tend to fall off the wagon in times of stress. I have recently reading about the Paleo lifestyle and instantly became intrigued. For the past month I have been following this "diet" about 85% of the time. I have consumed very little grain, dairy, legumes, and sugar in the last month and guess what?!? I FEEL AMAZING. I instantly lost 7lbs, all inflammation and bloating, I haven't had a head ache or a body ache, and I sleep a l l  t h e  w a y  t h r o u g h the night, which has basically never happened! I would say, I highly recommend giving it a try for 30 days! 
3. Sew something. I am again happy to report that I have sewn something and I will be sharing it soon. It's a bit strange, so hold onto your britches. I also sewed a few samples for work, which was a nice change-up.
4. Handmade Home. Well, this is my least successful of the 4 goals. However, I have rearranged the nick-knacks around the house, started making curtains, and designed a few prints for the walls.

I still have a month left and I plan to keep up the good work! -Ruth-

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At November 29, 2012 at 8:51 AM , Blogger Emma Kate said...

That's so great that you have stayed motivated and accomplished so much! I wish I was better at exercising and eating healthy but I tend to go on a kick for a week and then crash and burn.


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