Saturday, February 23, 2013 the one you're with

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Love the one you're with...So true, ay? I think that love is super important in a relationship. But, the other day my husband and I were chatting about love. Is it true, the beloved words of The Beatles, all you need is love and love is all you need? Honestly, we came to the conclusion that a strong relationship (whether intimate or platonic) needs so much more than love. A solid foundation is built on faith, trust, communication, truth, selflessness, and understanding. While true, you need alone will not make a relationship last the turbulence faced during the flight of life. Sometimes, the ones we love the most, wind up hurting us the most in the end. 

I drew these croquis this week and I loved how they turned out! I was developing a spec/measurement chart for the company I work for and that is how this awesome couple was born! If you follow me on Instagram I posted a photograph of the finished product. I used Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Bamboo tablet to draw the outline of the figures. I then added some shading to create a little interest. I love working the apparel industry! -Ruth-

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