Monday, August 12, 2013

A simple and meaningful life...

Happy Monday y'all! Lately, I've seen several posts relating to self-worth, self-image, and self-confidence. I'd like to share with y'all a very simple tool that I use on a daily basis to stay positive and in love with myself and my life. Affirmations. It's as simple as that. What you pay attention to, thrives. Where your attention goes, energy flows. I could list a million rhyming, cliche' sayings to get my point across. But, I will spare you this time.

Honestly, I feel that this is one of the most important keys to happiness. It sounds silly, I know. But, it's so simple, it's obvious. Your thoughts matter! Whatever you are thinking, good or bad, will most certainly manifest itself in your life. For example, if you wake up thinking that it is going to be a terrible day. What kind of day do you think you will have? A good day? On the contrary, my friend. Your mind has already been pre programmed to expect the worst. 

Every morning, on my way to work, I sip my smoothie and I talk to God, pray, and I say my affirmations. I find the more I repeat this behavior, the more naturally it flows throughout the rest of the day. I will find myself thinking a negative thought, and almost on autopilot my brain STOPS the negative thoughts and turns to more positive ones. I find myself repeating "I love myself, my body, and I love my life!" or "I am healthy, happy, whole, and complete!" You know, something along those lines. My words sound so corny..but, I cannot stress enough, HOW THIS BEHAVIOR WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

Sure, sometimes we find ourselves comparing our lives to others or feeling down about a situation. That's totally normal! That's what it means to be human. God made life hard, but, he also made it beautiful and rewarding. So, reward yourself! Go dream up some positive affirmations and put them on repeat in your mind and amazing things will happen for you! I promise! -Ruth-

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At August 13, 2013 at 11:12 AM , Anonymous Emma Kate said...

Amen, girl! I loved reading this post. Lately, I have gotten into the habit of choosing one positive thought and just repeating it to myself throughout the day. I even like writing affirmations on notecards and putting them on my nightstand so I see them first thing when I wake up. I tend to think negatively about myself and it is hard at first to believe the affirmations you are telling yourself. But you are so right that repeating these thoughts really will change the way that you feel and tone of your day and life in general.

At August 14, 2013 at 9:22 AM , Anonymous RuthLoiacano said...

Emma, that is so great that you are getting into the habit of positive thinking! I used to write affirmations down, just like you have explained. But, after getting married, I thought it was a little weird for my husband. And so did he! So, I stopped practicing that!!!

What I love most about this technique is that it really trains your mind to revert to positive, constructive thoughts, rather than negative ones. I have several other "secrets to happiness" that I hope to share in the coming weeks.


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