Thursday, January 2, 2014

Insta-Recap || December 2013

Ruth Loiacano Instagram's over. Just like that! 2013 has come and gone! December was a great month though. Well, except for the weather! It's had it's ups and downs! Mark and I were blessed to have some much needed time off at the end of December. We were able to travel home and spend a whole week with family and friends! That hasn't happened since we moved to Texas! Needless to say, it was very nice! 

A few other notable events; the DFW Ice storm, heaps of toasty fires, and our tip to The Perot Museum to see Animals Inside Out. I have plans to share some of those photographs with you later this month! I've seen Body Worlds before, and the Animals were just as fantastic. 

How did you spend your Holiday?


  1. Love this recap. Makes me want to get instagram. As for my holiday I didn't do much. Just relaxed, Happy New Year!

  2. I think instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love photos...and I love following everyone's daily lives!

  3. Another great recap! I hope that you and yours have a fabulous 2014!

  4. Love the insta-photos! I spent the holidays eating and being lazy lol :)