Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So, I don't usually post on Tuesday, especially this late in the afternoon. (Well, with the exception of last Tuesday when I was in Arizona and NONE of my scheduled posts went live and I had no internet or 4G, can you say helpless!) My apologies for that ramble. M o v i n g  o n...even though I never post on this day and time, I say DO IT ANYWAY! Well, actually Ben Folds Five said that. I just danced and sang the lyrics from my desk.

I absolutely adore Ben Folds Five and I swoon over the piano licks in this song! Oh, did I mention Fraggle Rock totally steals the show in this music video! (SPOILER-they totally sing the Fraggle Rock theme song at the end!) Did I just date myself? When Ben Folds got back together a few years ago, I was stoked! This album, like all of the others, is nothing short of amazing! I really dig the message of this song and on a day like today, when I'm not feeling like doing much of anything...I listened to this and it kicked my butt into gear!

If you're feeling inclined, you should listen to the whole album! I mean, why not? It may not be as upbeat as this song, but...it's totally worth a listen! Give it a try....I dare ya'!

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