Friday, May 9, 2014

New Website

minnetonka mocs
Hey guys, do you hear those crickets? Oh, that would be me going AWOL. Oops. No, I actually haven't been absent, I've been building a new, self-hosted website! You can have a sneak peek here at my temporary domain address. A lot of the pages are still blank, but...I'm slowly migrating the content over to the new space. I will be reverting this blog back to, but I will be leaving this site live and linking to it on the new Isn't that Sew website! 

I'm really excited about the move to a self-hosted website. I was feeling a little boxed in over here on blogger. Some of the options just weren't available (or easily available) for me to grow this space. On my new site, I'll be positioned for future growth, read a built in shop and member log-in area! I also plan to refocus my content. I feel like God is urging me to share the talent he has given me in a more profound way. So, I'm going to do just that! 
Isn't that Sew

The site will look fairly similar,'ll have a new color scheme and a few differences in function and layout. Overall, it will be a cleaner, more focused space! 

If you are not already on a self-hosted website, do you have any apprehension about moving to a new site?



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