Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Sunshine!

Hello, Sunshine Print by Isn't that Sew | Download for free

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to wear it | Isn't that Sew Handmade

How to wear it | Isn't that Sew Handmade
Isn't that Sew Handmade Textured Brass Triangle Necklace is the perfect compliment to this cozy fall look; a dolman sleeve sweater paired with skinny jeans, and your favorite pair of slouchy boots! Get the necklace HERE!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pattern Drafting: The basic foundation

This post has been rewritten and posted to my new blog, HERE

In my last post, I covered the basic and advanced pattern drafting tools. This time...I'd like to cover some basic terms. 

Pattern Drafting: A system of creating patterns that reflect an individuals (or sizing standard) measurements.
Flat Pattern Drafting: A system of making flat, 2 dimensional patterns.
Pattern "Blocks" or "Slopers": A five piece (or more) foundation of the basic patterns consisting of the front and back bodice, front and back skirt, and sleeve. Pattern blocks have been tested and have impeccable fit. All patterns stem from this basic foundation. Or, in other words, basic blocks are altered to create any variety of new styles.  

Basic Pattern Blocks by :: Isn't that Sew

Creating the basic pattern block
The basic foundation starts as a 2 dimensional flat pattern. It is drafted on paper and the dimensions are taken from the model or sizing standard. These measurements will dictate the basic shape of the pattern.
Pattern Shapes
Pattern blocks are created with a series of straight and curved lines. These straight and curved lines create a pattern by applying the individual measurements and "connecting the dots".
Darts help to define shape in a garment. Not all garments use darts. For example, knitwear does not require as much built in shaping as a woven fabric would need. Have a look at the illustration below to see exactly how darts remove fullness in a flat 2 dimensional pattern.

So, maybe your wondering why all of this in important? Well, having a basic understanding of pattern making terminology and the basic foundation of all pattern making is crucial to being able to create your own patterns from ready to wear. Next time, we will discuss how to start creating your own pattern blocks by using your existing clothing. -Ruth-

See Part I and Part I of the Pattern Drafting series here.

Why darts :: By: Isn't that Sew

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Busy Season...

Y'all, I've come into the busy season at work! I'll try to keep up as best I can around here...I miss you already! Be back soon! -Ruth-

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paleo Mug Cake Recipe

gluten free cinnamon cake with vanilla butter cream frosting by: Isn't that Sew
Happy Sunday Folks! Today is my birthday...and in honor of putting another notch in my belt (no pun intended) and being another year wiser, I present to you a delicious grain-free, gluten free cake recipe! Oh, and you can "bake" it in 2 minutes flat! Check out what I did...

_____________Click here to read more_____________

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Free Printable Wall Art

Free Printables by Isn't that Sew

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple and Meaningful Life...Intention

Intentions...Merriam-Webster  defines intention as "the thing that you plan to do or achieve: aim or purpose." For the last decade or so, I've been on a very profound spiritual journey of really cultivating some fantastic ideas about ourselves, our lives, and our purpose. Writing these tidbits are just a small glimpse of the journey I am on. It is nice to collect my thoughts and release them into the Universe via blog posts. Ha! That sounds corny, no?

So what does creating intention really do for us?  I think it helps us create a clear purpose for our lives, something to stand for. Intentions help us to develop new opportunity for our lives, it helps us to simplify situations and to cultivate positive habits, to accomplish goals, and to build strong foundations and relationships. Intention helps us to construct the life we want to live! Intentions are easy to simple as a thought. And often times, they are subconscious. Therefore, it is really important what you are really telling yourself, inside. How do you really feel about yourself? Life is made up of choices and every single moment of every single day is another opportunity to cultivate great intention for your life!

Creating purpose for my life is so important to me. Without purpose I'd feel lost and honestly have no reason to live. I know that sounds really dramatic, but it is the truth. I need purpose, I need passion, I need to feel like the path I am walking is the right path for me. I think that spirituality plays a huge role in feeling like you have a purpose on planet Earth. Whether you believe in God or Universal Energies, or both, spirituality gives us a reason, a clear purpose to keep moving forward. Without it, there would be no meaning to life. No matter what you know, if you believe it...who's to tell you that it is not the truth. 

I invite you to start creating clear intentions for you life, start being fully present and aware. You could write down your intentions in a journal, you could just state the intention and release it to the God and Universe, or you could repeat your intentions as affirmations. In the past, I've shared some of the ways I cultivate intentional living.

What do you think about intentions? Do you think they help shape our reality?

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 things...

They eye is the window to the Soul

5 Things that make me, me...

-I do not use an alarm clock.  I never have used an alarm clock and I never plan to use one! I have always woke naturally. Even if that time might change from day to day, my internal clock handles things for me! I just set the intention before drifting off to sleep, and walla!

-I do not wear make-up. Okay, maybe I wear make-up during the Holidays. I feel weird wearing mascara!

-I am proficient in ASL (American Sign Language). I studied ASL for two years in college and instantly fell in love with the language! It's so expressive, like graceful dancing. It's a beautiful way to communicate and the Deaf Community will always hold a special place inside my heart. 

-My favorite band of all time. Is the Talking Heads. Can you say David Byrne!

-I drive in silence. Yes, that is correct, you read that right. I drive to and from work in silence. I enjoy the peace and quiet. I use it as my time to talk to God and the Universe, to pray, to affirmate, and to relax and enjoy the ride. No pun intended! Okay, maybe a little pun intended! 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Insta-Recap || September

Instagram September 2013 | Ruth Reyes-Loiacano

Wow, September is over! Everytime I write one of these posts, I feel like I just finished the last...A lot has happened in September. We celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, Mark's birthday, I officially launched ITS Handmade, football season started, and we added a new member to the family! It certainly has been an exciting month to say the least! I cannot wait to see what October holds! Cheers! -Ruth-

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